Angeli In Caelis

Music For Worship

Sheet Music, Free Download

Musicians are always scrambling for decent printed music, in the right key, especially for funeral requests, weddings, prayer services or praise-and-worship. There are a number of great resources for online music, though sometimes it's difficult to access arrangements of revised texts. Sometimes no new music has been written for revised texts. Fortunately, composers love to compose and I am no exception. Please feel free to download these and use whenever you need them.

Responsorial Psalms:

      Psalm 23 Lord You Are My Shepherd

May the Road Rise Up To Meet You

Ascension:  The Ascension of the Lord

Mass Settings:

Mass of the Divine Word:  Mass setting for the revised liturgy of 2010.

Crucem Tuam      I was having difficulty finding available sheet music for this Gregorian chant, so I just scored it out. Special thanks to Fr. Valencheck for his translation help.


Springs of Water    For use with Easter liturgy, congregation version, 2010 revised text

I Saw Water Flowing       For use with Easter liturgy, 3-part choral with optional Latin descant verse, 2010 text

Pentecost: Sequence for Pentecost           English and Latin verses with keyboard accompaniment

Corpus Christi:  Sequence for The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ  Couldn't find one, wrote it quickly.

About the Composer

Rebecca Harper is the Music Director at Divine Word Parish in Kirtland, Ohio. A Kent State University graduate, Rebecca spent much of her career in recording studios as commercial talent for the advertising industry. You've heard her in the Care Bears movie, in the Defenders of the Earth animation and many tv and radio commercials. She's performed on tour in France, Italy, Canada and across the United States with her Christian rock group, Gabriel's Harp.

You can hear her singing in the background in the second scene (the Christmas party with Chris Pratt and Betty Gilpin) of The Tomorrow War.  THANK YOU Chris Butler and Francie Dannemiller for our redux of Christmas Wrapping.

In 2020, Rebecca sang Star Carol with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Stay-at-Home Choir, performed in the May 4 Voices radio drama (with TINA FEY) at Kent State University.

Why did the language of the Catholic liturgy change?

The purpose of the Second Vatican Council, held at the Vatican in Rome in the 1960s, was to address relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the modern world. Mass had always been said in Latin, and people actually wanted to read along in their own language. Imagine that! Most of the other languages, French, Spanish, Italian, etc., were a direct translation of Latin, but the English translation took many liberties. An English-language missal was produced by 1973, but was intended to be temporary while improvements were made.

In 2001, the Vatican office that oversees worship issued a directive requiring translation of the English missal that would be closer to the Latin version rather than to more familiar vernacular speech used in 1973. Nearly 10 years of revisions and meetings were necessary to produce the newest translation. The new revised text was finally implemented by November of 2011.

You can imagine that the revised texts were exciting for contemporary composers. At last, we have a chance to create new music for new texts. The kind people at ICEL have permitted me to offer this new mass setting - and you to download - for free! (Thank you, ICEL.)